My coding-related projects (most of them)

  • pony-img: An image reading and writing library (which is actually a wrapper around stb_image) written in Pony
  • fictional-couscous-isn: A 3D, non-euclidian, ray-casting-based rendering engine, done entirely in C and part of my yearly project in class (Github). C
  • mkdirt: Misspelling of mkdir. Rust
  • pony-sdl2: A Pony wrapper for SDL (Github). Pony, C
  • ascii-engine: A JavaScript library, which you can use to create retro games using only ASCII characters. (Github). JavaScript
  • necklace: A JavaScript library featuring structures for interactive stories. It is easily expandable and ready to be used in an interactive story website or a game. (Github). JavaScript
  • pony-sdl-mixer: Bringing the SDL Mixer library to pony, allowing you to play music with pony (Github). Pony, C
  • jsdoc-materialize: A JSDoc template with MaterializeCSS (Github). HTML, CSS, (JS)
  • snow-dark-syntax-patch: A tweaked version of Atom's snow-dark-syntax theme. You can download it here. CSS, NodeJS
  • Blips: Small, unrelevant, but yet fun (in my opinion) pieces of code (GitHub repository) JS, HTML, CSS
  • This website: Well, the thing you're currently looking at, unless you've got some kind of augmented reality thing (visit it!); JS, CSS (had a lot of fun), HTML, NodeJS (backend; express)
  • WorldGen: A 2D world generator which generates ground composition, flora and a bunch of other natural elements; NodeJS
  • Araisia: A roguelike text-only RPG discord bot; NodeJS
  • MEngine: A JavaScript menu engine, made to draw menus on canvases; JS
  • NEngine: A JavaScript physics engine, which should support in the future non-euclidian spaces (Github); JS
  • PEngine: A JavaScript pixel-art rendering engine using a system of entities and tile matrixes (Github); JS (canvas)
  • ChloeCoreJS: a discord.js wrapper (GitHub); NodeJS
  • RP Enhancer: a Discord gif-triggering bot (Check it out on DBL) NodeJS
  • Reflector: a Discord mathematics utility bot (down), NodeJS
  • Unified Discord Bots API (UDBApi): a NodeJS module for the discord bots list's API. Check it out on npm, NodeJS
  • Refractor: a Discord message utility bot (Check it out on DBL); NodeJS
  • Multilayered web rendering engine: A web engine to mess around with the 'mix-blend-mode' canvas feature (GitHub) JS (canvas), (CSS, HTML)
Check out my CGX (computer graphics) mess in the Gallery!